I was pleased to learn Dr. Sarah uses a variety of new technology and equipment to relieve and heal problem areas such as mine. Using state of the art equipment, Dr. Sarah's ultra sound and muscle stimulation improved my shoulder pain within weeks.

Thom Schulz
Patient - Retired Pilot

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After an accident that left me in a great deal of pain I visited Dr. Sarah. Her attention to detail, through conversation - simply asking where I was hurting - assessment and gentle way of adjusting was just what I needed. I was feeling better after the first visit. I also am very pleased with her suggestion of simple exercises and stretching to do at home. Very beneficial for my recovery.

Dr. Sarah has the patients total healthcare at the heart of her care and I so appreciate the attention to
re-assessment each time I visit. I continue to visit Dr. Sarah for adjustments as needed and highly recommend Dr. Coniglio to anyone who needs the gentle touch of a chiropractor and compassionate care.

Thank you, Dr. Sarah.

Jacque' Prater
Owner Helping Hand Health Education

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